Craft beer

A modern interior, a menu with an impressive section of various snacks and, of course, a huge selection of craft beer-these are the key features of each Lambic Brasserie.

At the head of the Brasserie’s beer list is Belgian beer. Lager and white lambic, light ale and tripel, ale on three types of cereals — just the beginning of the list: in Lambic, Belgian beer is presented in all its diversity.

No wonder Brasserie was recognized as the best beer restaurant in Moscow: the Lambic map has more than two hundred positions of interesting beer. From Flemish ale and Trappist beer brewed in the Breweries of old Belgian monasteries, to classic Pilsner. You can study the taste of the difference between light and dark top-fermented ale, cherry beer and Trappist — the material is enough for years to come, because the map is regularly updated.

Add to this a variety of snacks, selected with the help of Lambic beer sommeliers in Bolshoy Cherkassky — and you will get a recipe for a great evening. And you will understand that to spend time in the authentic Brussels Brasserie, you do not have to travel outside the center of Moscow.